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If you are noticing noises in the attic or seeing unusual droppings from animal you have not seen before maybe you have unwanted visitors running around in your home, attic, basement, crawl spaces or garage. Calling a professional trained animal removal technician like  Official Pest Control Auburn 916-226-4836 can usually help figure out exactly the type of animals and where they are usually accessing your property in or around the Auburn CA 95604.

Animal Removal Service

Here are some of the types of animals that we can trap and remove from your property: Skunks Raccoons & Possums: We all know about the trouble skunks can cause when they spray, but raccoons seem cute but can cause all kinds of damage and like most wild animals they can carry disease. Gophers & Moles dig holes underground and often leave mounds of dirt all over your property, these holes can be dangerous if other animal or people step into the holes. Ground Squirrels & Bats: Bats come out at night squirrels can chew up all kinds of stuff and can build homes in your attic. Larger Wild Animals like Coyotes, Feral Cats, and Feral Dogs often hunt in packs and if you see one near your property there may be many more close by, do not take a chance with wild animals near your home, children or pets call Official Pest Control Auburn 916-226-4836

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